Air Rifle Slug Test Pack Information

We offer slug test packs for all calibers that we manufacture.

Air rifle slugs, test packs, accurate slugs, slug accuracy, air gun pellets
Air rifle slugs, test packs, accurate slugs, slug accuracy, air gun pellets

Ordered per pack per caliber

6 Different weights

25 Slugs of each weight

Total of 150 slugs per pack

It always takes time and experimentation to get an air rifle properly dialled in for top accuracy. This entails that one must try many different pellets to see what you rifle prefers. This is no different with air rifle slugs.

Buying many different tins of pellets or slugs, just to find out what works in your rifle, are a costly exercise. Most of these tins will gather dust on your shelve once you confirmed that they do not work in your rifle.

Slug test packs make this a much cheaper exercise. You get a smaller quantity of each weight and type of slug. Once you figured out what is your air rifle’s “GO TO” slug, you can order what you will actually use. Thereby not wasting many slugs and money unnecessarily.

We have standard configuration test packs for each caliber. The configuration of these test packs we determined out of what the most popular slugs are that we sell, but also from our own testing on what works for specific popular air rifle brands.

We do however make custom test packs should you want to test specific weights and configurations that differs from our standard slug test packs. These are also very handy for for manufacturers that want to test slug accuracy in their barrels. We charge a small additional fee for custom build test packs and have a fairly quick lead time on these. Normally we can build these with 2-3 days depending on the quantities needed. Please feel free to let us know should you have a requirement for a custom build slug test pack