Inferno Slugs

Inferno Air Rifle slugs are based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Inferno started out of a need for access to locally manufactured, high accuracy bullets that can match or improve on the precision of the top custom bullet makers in the world. A frustrating factor is the fact that we constantly have to develop new loads as we do not have access to the same bullets all the time. As most of our bullets are imported, we seldom find the same bullets when needed and we therefor constantly need to change and develop new loads.

Although South Africa does have a number of great bullet makers, most of them manufacture only solid, CNC turned bullets. We wanted a traditional, jacketed bullet with a lead core, to benefit from the inherited accuracy of these bullets when hand made through a swaging process. Inferno are not focussed on mass, high volume production.

Rather we are focussed on precision made bullets for discerning and competitive shooters, that reload for best accuracy and performance

Swaged bullets are normally more expensive internationally than mass produced bullets due to the labour costs involved. However Inferno is in a very fortunate position that we can offer these bullets at prices that are market related to the mass produced international manufacturers.

As we already have most of the equipment, processes, knowledge and experience in the centerfire world, Inferno Slugs started our journey with extensive testing in late 2018 to incorporate precision, hand swaged, air rifle slugs into our line of products. We are very fortunate in having achieved, and even surpassed this by being selected by International companies to manufacture and export for them.

As we are competitive shooters, competing at international level in various disciplines ourselves, we will gladly help our customers who need assistance choosing the correct slugs for their specific setups. We are passionate about accuracy !”