Inferno REX slug ‘continued

Inferno REX Air Rifle Slug
New Inferno REX – 26 grain slug

Over the last few months we’ve put a lot of research and development into the new Inferno REX slug. Finally, we are into production and am sure that this Air Rifle Slug is going to be a game changer when used for what it is intended for.

” Our intent was to develop a slug with maximum expansion, preferably disintegrating inside the intended quarry to minimise pass-through, as accurate as equivalent hollow point slug, but also not loosing to much BC. “

An easy way of achieving a similar result is to enlarge the hole that forms the hollow point in the tip of the slug. This however, interferes with the aesthetics of the slug, but also lowers the BC.

Watching hunting videos on Youtube, specifically where shots are taken at birds inside or outside buildings, one quickly sees many pass-through shots penetrating the backstops behind them i.e corrugated sheets used for roofs or walls. It was this problem that we intended to minimise in the best possible way.

We tried many different designs and materials and finally settled on the REX ( Rapid Expanding ) slug. The REX provides by far the maximum expansion of all design we tested, but importantly it breaks up on impact in most cases. The bigger ( also read – more dense ) the quarry, the better the chances are for proper disintegration of the slug in the quarry.

The ballistic balls that we insert in the tip of the slugs, does obviously add to the costs of the REX slug. However this slug was designed for a specific purpose which justifies the extra costs vs the damage a normal slug can cause when shot through a roof, wall etc.

It is very important to note that the ballistic balls we use are of the highest quality to ensure even density as not to interfere with the accuracy of the slug. Even density and concentricity of the ballistic balls are of paramount importance to ensure accuracy, any variance in this regard will cause instability in the flight of the slugs.

We have tested the Inferno REX slug on many different targets and it is clear that the impact on a larger bird causes more integration than on a small bird.

To ensure that we don’t get attacked /flooded by our “green friends” I’m publishing only photos of pottery clay as target to share the results we’ve seen. I will soon create a members section that would require registration, where I will publish actual hunting photos to see real life results on small game and pest birds.

For comparison we shot a normal hollow point slug and a REX slug into exactly the same target. Both slugs were .217 caliber, 28 grains with Cup base. These slugs were shot out of a FX Impact MKii at 927 fps at 10m distance from the target.

Test results of a “normal” hollow point slug

Image depicting the Entry of a "normal" hollow point slug
Entry of a “normal” hollow point slug
Image depicting the side view of "normal" hollow point slug
Side view of a “normal” hollow point slug
Image depicting the Exit of a "normal" hollow point slug
Exit of a “normal” hollow point slug
Image depicting the recovered "normal" hollow point slug
“Normal” hollow point slug recovered.

Some important points to note on the “normal” hollow point slug results :

  • The slug passed through the target
  • The slug expanded fully
  • The recovered slug weighed in at 28,1 grain, 0.1grain heavier than before the shot – this is due to the small piece of clay that attached itself to the slug during impact.

Test results of the new Inferno REX slug

Entry of a Inferno REX air rifle slug
Entry of the new Inferno REX slug ( notice the pieces of lead )…and yes, this is the ENTRY not the exit
Top view of entry in clay of a Inferno REX air rifle slug
Clay was opened at the top to give a clear view of where the biggest part of the slug stopped.(just to the left of middle, in the top of the picture)
Image depicting the recovered Inferno REX slug
Pieces of the REX slug recovered from inside the clay

Some important points to note on the new Inferno REX slug results :

  • The REX slug did not pass through the target
  • The REX slug disintegrated into many pieces
  • The biggest piece recovered from the REX slug weighed in at 8,7 grain

In closing, it is not intended for the REX slug to replace existing designs. It has been built with a specific purpose – where there is a risk of damaging a backstop. Additionally, it does not make sense to pay more for a REX slug when you know you will not cause damage to anything behind your quarry.