.357 Caliber Slugs – Specifications

We are constantly updating the table on our .357 Caliber Slugs, so please check back regularly.

Note that the below table does not indicate the maximum weights that we can manufacture, it indicates the current “popular” range that we manufacture and it also indicates the minimum weights in each configuration. If your rifle is more powerful, we can easily produce a higher weight slug. Please contact us should you need heavier slugs for you caliber than depicted in the table.

.357 Caliber Slugs – Specification table

357 Caliber Air Rifle Slug Data sheet

See the accuracy test that we did at 100m / 109 yards with the 130 grain Hollow Point Rebated Boat Tail slug.

We will shortly publish a table that will list all the variables that we used in design and testing of our slugs. These will include the following :

  • Air Rifle Manufacturer
  • Air Rifle Model
  • Slug weight
  • Slug Nose and Base configuration
  • Regulator Pressure
  • Velocity
  • Group size at 25m, 50m & 100m

Please feel free to let me know through our “Contact Us – Page” if you would like to see any additional information.